American Health and Fitness Alliance – The Passbook

1 Nov

The American Health and Fitness Alliance Passbook.


It’s one of my favorite finds in all my years of scouring the internet for food and fitness gems.  I have purchased the yoga and Pilates passbooks and my experience with them was just wonderful.

Basically, you get to try out tons of different classes and studios for just $85 for the entire year!  It’s a great deal, especially if you live in a big city where classes are super expensive.

It was incredibly motivating for me because I would call ahead or reserve a spot online, then I was obligated to go 🙂  This is how I found re:AB, an awesome studio, and also how I found The Pilatium, which I still go to every week.  Lisa prepared me for the apprentice program at True Pilates…and here I am today!

I am in no way affiliated with the American Health and Fitness Alliance, I just think that this is a great program that not a lot of people know about, and I want to share it.  Plus, if you end up getting a membership at any of the studios or gyms, your money for the book is refunded.  To me, the price of the book was totally worth it regardless of whether or not I found a studio to regularly attend.  I think I will purchase one again next year to spice up my routine a little 🙂  It’s always fun to try new places and explore the city.  These passbooks are available in other cities too (Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston).  I really hope the program continues to be a success, and I would love to see it expand to other areas as well.  Health and Fitness Revolution!!!  It’s what our country needs!!!

Soooo if you live in one of the cities that offers the passbook, please check it out.  If not and you’d be interested, let em know!


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