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PV Body – Ellie Review

12 Feb

Hey there and happy Fat Tuesday!

Today I wanted to write up a review about my experience so far with PV Body, now re-branded as Ellie.  Where do I begin?  I really wanted to love this company but…I just don’t know if that’s going to happen.

It was such a great concept!  Sign up, and for $49.95 a month, receive a cute workout outfit with name brand pieces like Nike or lululemon.  Take a style quiz so they know what kind of stuff to send you, and returns and exchanges are hassle free.  Sign up with Facebook and get a free tank.  This seemed like a no brainer!  Especially considering I am in desperate need of cute workout clothes and lululemon is not exactly in my price range.  So I signed up…and waited.

And waited.  And waited.  I signed up on January 15th and on January 25th, there were still no shipping updates.  The company announced that they were switching over to their own exclusive line, Ellie, on February 1st.  I panicked.  Was this a huge scam?  Would my order just fall through the cracks?  I checked out their Facebook page and it looked as though everyone else was having the same exact problem as I was.  What a disaster.  At least the customer service reps were responding to people via Facebook, so I wrote a post about my concerns.  They assured me my package was shipping out that evening, and sure enough, my shipping information updated that weekend.  A few days later I received this!  A glimmer of hope…


pv body, ellie, nux

Included in my package were a bright orange Nux top and black Ellie capris.  I loved them both!  I had never heard of Nux before, but they make everything in the USA and it was a nice quality top.  The Ellie capris were great as well.  I wouldn’t say they were comparable in quality to my lululemon capris, but considering they were less than a third of the price, I’ll take them.

Not included in my package?  The promised free tank.  I took to Facebook again and they assured me they would get it out.  12 days later, still no sign of it.

So what next?  They are officially Ellie now, and I am scheduled to have my next order placed on February 15th.  The new line is very cute.  Some of my favorite pieces:





So this is a toss up for me.  Cute, affordable clothing, but they need to get it together on the business side of things.  I’ve decided to give this company one more chance this month to see how it goes, and I will report back with an update 🙂

Have you tried PV Body or Ellie?  What was your experience like with them?